Why We Are Here

The world we live in changes constantly. Our societal standards have been turned upside down. Our faith is continually challenged. Our current knowledge of the bible urges us to study the text earnestly rather than accept the words at face value. We know more leading us to ask more questions. While the world may be changing, the necessities of faith and knowledge of God have not changed. If amid these ever-changing times the church is to remain strong, vibrant, and relevant, we must provide for an effective and reliable foundation. This foundation is built, among other things, through Christian education.

The Board of Christian Education at City Temple serves to:

  1. Support the Pastor and his ministry by facilitating classes, institutes, and other opportunities for spiritual development;
  2. Create opportunities for spiritual growth for members of all ages;
  3. Develop leaders and leadership training among church members; and
  4. Provide support for every church ministry through assisting in the planning of activities or other experiences that may heighten spiritual awareness and stimulate growth.

We seek to create a desire among our membership to remain committed to Christian education and contribute to the overall effectiveness of our church’s ministry.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17”