May we help?

Our goal at City Temple is to be a haven of comfort and hope to our community. Please contact us for financial assistance, clothing, or food. We also have a variety of other ways we can help. Allow us to serve you.

Financial Assistance

Outreach is a ministry in which the church works beyond its boundaries but within God’s boundaries in unexpected ways to provide for those in the community in need. The City Temple of Baltimore (Baptist), through its Outreach Ministry, supports a variety of programs whose main focus is to provide food clothing and financial assistance to those in need.

How to Request Financial Assistance

The first step toward receiving financial assistance from The City Temple of Baltimore (Baptist) is to visit or call the church. The director and administrator of the Outreach Program, Gary Hamiel, will discuss your needs with you, either in person or by phone.

We also ask that you bring copies of specific bills, turn off notices, eviction notices, etc. with you when you come to your appointment. (We will return these documents to you.)

If we can offer you financial assistance, you will receive your check that day. Checks are made payable only to the companies you owe (e.g., landlord, utility company, etc.). You are responsible for mailing or delivering the checks to those companies.

Have Questions?

If you have more questions about financial assistance, please contact the director Gary Hamiel at (410) 383-8040 or call the church office at (410) 462-4800. Gary is available at the church office Monday-Thursday, between the hours of 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

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